"Butterfly Whispers"

Standing approximately 19" tall, "Butterfly Whispers" catches a moment of secrets shared, between a butterfly and a fae.

The faerie is costumed in antique netting from a bridal veil and handbeaded antique embroidary in silver blues, whites, golds and silvers.

There are 6 colorful rhinestone butterflies of different sizes....one on the base, two on her waist, on her finger, on her cap, and the largest has landed on her shoulder where he can whisper in her ear.

There are also about 25 silvery butterflies rising up behind her.....almost like a reflection of the movement and energy of the large butterfly on her shoulder.

"Butterfly Whispers" speaks of the coming of spring.

For information on this piece, contact
Jan Dolls


email: Marilyn Radzat

808-293-5859 (voice)
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