"Rising Grace"

"Rising Grace" measures 21" from the bottom of her base to the top of her beaded headpiece. The irridescent tiles of ice blue glass, which each measure about 1-1/2" to 2", extend up the front, and down the back, of her gown. The color of these tiles change as light is reflected upon them. They are a glass much like the ancient Roman glass that reflect gold and peach and pink, according to the light. The pattern on the right and left of the tiles is formed by turquoise sea glass, collected on the deserted beaches near where I live. Her sleeves are crystal bugle beads. Tiny sea shells weave around the irridescent tiles.

Her gown begins as a swirl around a faceted glass crystal teardrop, in the center of the base....and rises, like energy.....like grace.....to her finger tips which are forming a blessing signature.

This is a blessing piece.

I have studied with a Taoist master and she has given me permission to use these hand signatures, which are thousands of years old, in my artwork. I think it is wonderful to have a blessing piece in one's home..

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