Springtime Blessings

Springtime BlessingsSpringtime Blessings

Springtime Blessings

Springtime Blessings


"Springtime Blessings"

23" tall, hand sculpted, one of a kind piece.

Inspired by the beautiful antique flower beadwork found in France, this piece evolved into a blessing piece of springtime.

It is embellished with abalone shards and antique bridal netting from the turn of the century.

The position of the hands is known in China as a very high form of Taoist thought and ceremony, an essential form of artistic discovery.

"No words can describe the importance of this highly respected secret art of healing and ceremony, usually performed by high ranking Taoist priests.

" I pass this on to you, with the blessing of a woman I have come to know who is a 64th generation master, and who has given me permission to use these signatures in my Blessing pieces.

With the birth of the new millennium, these blessing signatures are being revealed, for the first time in a thousand years.

May our earth be healed and may you and yours abound in blessings.

May this piece bring blessings to your home and heart.

Available through The Art of Toys