* 911 * Angel of the Twin Towers

I began sculpting this piece on Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Eleven days later, she was complete, and stood before me with much to say.

Her colors are subtle golds, bronzes, plums and greens. The Italian glass tiles on the base have blue, green, rose, and plum shards, like the swirling of water.....of tears.

I have used antique metallic laces, netting, fabric, beadwork and trim, from the early 1900's. Venetian glass tiles, and old photographic image glass that had been unearthed from the ground, after the photography studio burned; images forever imprinted, but now a secret of the glass..... past history, but now with us forever.

Her wings symbolize the World Trade Center, the twin towers. The mosaic tiles are the falling windows. The beadwork shooting from her crown brings forth images of the flames.

However, through it all, the angel rises... carrying, with her, all sorrow and devastation.

She rises serenely......with her hands forming a Taoist blessing.....

The blessing of the Three Gods, Purity, Dignity and Virtue.

On the top of her crown rises a cross........another symbol that we shall rise again.

Angel stands approximately 20" tall, with a width of around 12" and a depth of 10"

I have written what this angel has spoken to me......she may, and probably will, send different messages to you. Listen......hear what she says...........and then share the message.


"I am a rabbi who is opening up a Women's Institute of Learning. One of my goals is to show women that prayers can come in many, many forms, and that we are all capable of creating prayer in our own way. This doll is the epitomy of the realization of prayer in tangible form. So, I hope that I can purchase this doll to put into my office-- to use as a tallisman, of sorts, to remind us all that our talents are God-given and that our prayers can take the form of art, music, fantasy, dolls, poetry, etc."

Rabbi Lynne Kern

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