(Note: The lighting on these two photos is not representative of the piece's true color and is only for dramatic value)


"Sunrise Sea Dragon"

Just beginning her rise, like the fiery sun, "Sunrise Sea Dragon" symbolizes power and wisdom. Inspired by the Chinese Dragons which are beautiful, friendly and wise, "Sunrise" brings hope and the promise of a new day.

An original, one of a kind sculpt, "Sunrise" is embellished with antique metallic lace, chinese coins, pearls, Swarovski crystal rhinestones, mirrored disks, and colored glass bits, "Sunrise" is strong and beautiful.

Her wings are created with fine metallic woven wires. Her great tail is arched, as if she is ready to stretch and rise to greet the day.

Dragons are referred to as divine mythical creatures that bring ultimate abundance, prosperity and good fortune.

"Sunrise Sea Dragon" measures 13" x 8-1/2" high.

Her rosewood base measures 13" x 8" x 2-2/3" high


For information on this piece, please contact the artist

email: Marilyn Radzat
808-293-5859 (voice)
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