(Note: This photograph was made with some artifical lighting and is not representative of the true color)


"Sunset Sea Dragon"

Hovering over a found treasure, the "Sunset Sea Goddess" looks up.....having heard your steps.

An original one of a kind sculpt, powerfully embellished with abalone shards, antique lace and trim, gar scales, mirror disks, pearls, Swarovski crystal rhinestones, chinese coins, and amethyst bits, "Sunset" speaks of power and abundance. Her wings are created from wire, paper and metallic wire netting. Her powerful dragon tail is wound around, protecting her body, as she cautiously raises her head.

This piece was inspired by Chinese Dragons. The legend of the chinese Dragon permeates the ancient Chinese civilization and shaped their culture. It's benevolence signifies greatness, goodness and blessings.

The Chinese Dragon symbolizes power and excellence, boldness, heroism, nobility and divinity.

"Sunset Sea Dragon" measures 13" by approximately 9-1/2" high.

Her base measures 15" x 9-1/2" deep x 2-1/2" high

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