"Fae of the First Ray"

"Fae of the First Ray" represents the first ray and the first Chakra of our energy system.

The first ray is the root Chakra. The color of this energy is red, and it is located at the base of the spine.

Red is the symbol of life, strength, vitality and the physical nature. Rose red is the color of universal harmony.

Antique beaded net was used for her sleeves and torso, with her gown of antique satin, hand embroidered with metallic trim.

Her strength, her roots sprout from her shoulders. These roots are gathered from the trees that grow on the beach at Kawela Bay, on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Only rarely, in the winter months when the tides are high and the waves are huge, do the roots reveal themselves.

Bits of coral dangle are attached, where the root has threaded itself through, in it's pursuit of growth.

The Fae is captured, just as she rises. She perches on a rattan base, with a mosaic of amethyst bits, and dangles of tiny grape clusters.

The rattan base is attached to a hand carved base of mango wood.

The Fae, herself, is about 13' tall, although the length of the base makes the piece 25".


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