Reiki Blessing

Blessing Art by Marilyn Radzat

“Blessing Art” pieces are inspired by an ancient linage of Tibetan Masters. 

Each piece contains hidden symbols that radiate specific energies and have been ceremoniously blessed.  

The definition of healing, according to Reiki, is a return to greater wholeness. 

Having studied this energy healing system and having become a Reiki Master Teacher, 

I have experienced the power of these symbols.  

My intention in creating these artworks is that the power of these symbols radiate through the art work.  

The symbols are energetically charged and respectfully hidden within the mosaic work. 

Reiki is a transformational gateway for bringing pure love into us and into the universe.

It is this love which allows us to remember our true nature.

Reili Blessing Wall Art Reili Blessing Wall Art  
Reili Blessing Wall Art Reili Blessing Wall Art  
Reiki Reili Blessing Wall Art  
Reili Blessing Wall Art

"These Blessing Art pieces begin with a Reiki energy symbol applied, empowered and blessed.  
The symbol is then respectively hidden under layers of antique French letters dated from the early 1800's,
found objects, antique pieces and finally a mosaic of tempered glass, which completes the rich and powerful intention of the piece."  

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