"Goddess of the Fourth Chakra"
(Heart Center)

This piece, standing 21-1/2" tall, has been created using mosaics of deep iridescent greens, with contrasts of blue and purple shards.
Mirrored green glass reflects against gold and silver glass, causing a dance of light.

Her fingers are formed in a Taoist blessing signature.

She is the Goddess of the Fourth Ray.

This piece vibrates with the colors of harmony, creativity, health,
abundance... of nature in general.

She is the hillside at twilight, the
meadow at the dark before dawn.

She is the merging of yellow (soul) and blue (spirit),
appearing in the spectrum at the point of color balance
between the first three rays (which are more concerned with the physical aspect) and the last three rays (which relate to the spiritual aspect).

She is the green which gives stability, endurance and

She is a blessing piece.


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