The energy of this vessel speaks to the energy of your core.

"Deer Heart" speaks of energy that is primal and pure, and resides in the deepest part of your brain, heart and soul. She is the energy the power of Summer.....full, rich, vibrant. She is energy that is bursting with life, promise, and creation. And within that creation is the golden promise of harvest, represented by 6 butterflies.....the harvest of dreams......of effort.....of visions.

Permanently attached to an elevated rose wood base, "Deerheart" stands approximately 19" high. Vibrant emerald green mirror mosaic glass sparkles with energy and light.

The lining of the vessel is vintage forest green silk velvet and placed in the heart of the vessel is a bronze, gold and green rhinestone butterfly.

Lining the lid of the vessel are golden mirror glass mosaics. The gold represents the power within all living things......the power within you.

Hand sculpted, and one of a kind, her hands have been placed in a blessing position.


For information on this piece, please contact the artist

email: Marilyn Radzat

808-293-5859 (voice)

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