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For the first time, 
Marilyn is now teaching her sculpting, painting and design techniques online
at "That Creative Place"

That Creative Place  

and at "A is For Artistic"  

A is for Artistic

These classes include her newest sculpting series which will take you from sculpting and painting a face, arms, hands, legs, feet, torso, on to completing a "Hardscape" costume with abalone shard embellishments.  Click here for information.

You have the option of going to That Creative Place to purchase the classes as an Instant Download, or going to A is for Artistic to sign up for a class where you will participate with others, learning at the same time.  
Both sites offer a forum and individual constructive attention by Marilyn.
The ability to learn from a world reknown artist, in the comfort of your own home, is a opportunity not to be missed!  Imagine having a private tutor gently share her techniques, which can lead you to manifest your own vision!

Other classes include the charming and simple "Leaf Pod Baby"
to the more complex "Shrine" .  


Hardscape Class SeriesHardscape Class Series at A is for Artistic and That Creative Place

For the first time, Marilyn Radzat is offering a class in creating of one of her amazing costumes using mosaic glass and other embellishments. Marilyn has worked on this particular style over the past 15 years, after a move to Hawaii forced her to abandon the use of fine fabrics and velvets on her costumes. What developed was a completely unique and fascinating style of costuming which she calls a "Hardscape".

Now you will have a chance to see exactly how she creates these costumes with the help of detailed written instructions and over 200 color photos. Following her direction, you will be able to create a masterpiece of your own. Along with 6 full and detailed lessons, you will have access to a forum where you can ask Marilyn any question, and offer photos of your pieces for review and suggestions. This is an opportunity that you don't want to miss! 

On a small island in the middle of the ocean live a unique and curious clan, called The Maryhoonie.
Far distant cousins of the Hawaiian magical little people known as Menehunes, these curious creatures began adorning their feet with the most magical of foot ware know to every little girl as the MaryJane shoe.....and thus they were forever called.

They keep tapping me on the shoulder saying " I want to see the world!"  Yikes!  They are demanding!

Help me answer their call to bring their cousins, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles into form.  

In this class, aided by over 100 photos and word instructions, we will, step by step, sculpt a Maryhoonie from polyform clay, paint it, and add the final embellishments.   You can follow the lesson plan exactly, or make up your own shell creature, using the lessons and photos as a guide.

You will find this a fun class and it is available as an instant download class with a forum available for personal instruction.


Let's create a tiny pod of mystery and magic....a little Leaf Pod Baby.  :)

In this class you will learn how to create a leaf, sculpt a tiny baby, paint and antique your piece and finally add the perfect embellishments.

Once you make one, you won't want to stop!  Little pods of preciousness.

Create along with me...and meet me in the forum for more personal direction.


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