"The Hundreth Angel"

This is a wall piece with 98 small cherubs and beautiful mosaic work swirling to the center angel who beckons you to look into the mirror that she frames.

When one looks into the mirror, that person becomes the One Hundred Angel. The one person who can change the consciousness of the world.

Inspired by Ken Keyes essay called "The Hundredth Monkey", this piece is a dance of light with flashes of color. The basic color is bronze, with subltle oil paint washes of purples, forest greens and golds. The mosaic tiles behind the angel are mirrored copper, with the angel holding a crystal drop of amber. Swirling towards the mirror are shards of deep purple that flash with irridescence, and arching along the edge is a trail of mirror shards.

The combined effect of these mirrors, tiles and shards is a constantly changing dance of light and reflection. It is a dance of magic.

The angel's bodice is copper/amber beadwork and her skirt is a wonderful antique piece of gold metallic lace. Her headpiece is made of tiny pearlized shells.

The size is about17-1/2" wide x 33" tall.

The angel is around 13"

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