"The White Peacock"

Another in the series of 'Shape Shifters'," The White Peacock" captures the transformation of faerie energy, into the pure and regal essence of the white

Hand sculpted and one of a kind, "Peacock" is coy, and just a bit playful, as she flirts with her fan. She seems to have some quiet secret that she is ready to share.

Her throne is handmade with silk velvet, tiny sea shells and beadwork. Antique tiny beads dangle along the edges of the chair. Her footstool also incorporates the silk velvet, sea shells and beads. The completed look feels very organic and whimsical..... opulent and quite magical.

The faerie's costume is created with vintage beadwork encrusted with pearls and rhinestones. Her headpiece is a sculpted peacock beak, which has been covered in gold leaf. Swarovski crystals shimmer beneath the beak, and are also placed on her costume and headpiece.

The feathers on this piece are from a real white peacock, thus the energy is pure. The base is rattan woven, with a mosaic of mirrors and soft pink iridescent tiles from Italy, bordered with seashells.

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