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Quotes from some who have taken Marilyn's online classes:

"I tell you these projects have been the highlight of my year!"

"I have to agree with other's sentiment on what a marvelous journey these classes have been.  Although I haven't been very active on the message boards, I read them daily, and enjoy hearing where everyone is at in their creative space.  When I get frustrated with my (hectic) job and such, just reading the board helps me find some peace and energy to deal with whatever task is bothering me."

"I cannot begin to express the depth of my gratitude and how much I have learned from you and my fellow classmates. Taking these classes has really stretched my artistic boundaries and now I hope to have an unlimited horizon."

"Six months ago I had never worked in clay, tiles, iridescent powders, gold foil, and had barely touched a gourd, especially not in this way! A whole new world has opened for me!"

"I finally opened lesson 4 and it is a bittersweet moment. I reflect back and look at how far I have come and the doors that have flung open for me artistically as well as the wonderful friendships that I have made on this forum. I have never worked with gourds or tiles before but have with the other materials."

"Marilyn this has been a wonderful journey far more than anything I could have ever imagined when I signed up for this class." 

"I am so thankful to have had this great time to create art with all of you. In the begining I was afraid I was out of my league with all the talented artists in the class.Now I am much more confident and hope we can continue to learn from the magic you've started."

"When I started to take this new energy that is bursting from me into the lessons, that is when something amazing began to happen to me. For what has come out of my fingers and from my imagination within the boundaries of the lessons, has been transformative for me. I don't know if "this type of art" will continue on beyond this class, but I believe it will in some form, because now that I know this feeling... my whole being yearns to live in this way..."

"you have opened up a whole new world for me in the art of the gourd and mosaic tiles that I probably would not have tried if not for your class....your techniques are so awesome and there is so much to learn from you.  Your artwork is so original and different, I don't think anyone can top you.  Thank you for sharring your knowledge."

".. I have learned so much through you and your classes, your inspirations and opening up doors that allow me to greater express the mysterious world that lives within.  I cannot even try to begin to thank you enough.   I think, when you teach, you are able to help release that something within, something that may have always been within some of your students, but they never knew quite how to express it until you unlocked it...."

.."For years I have admired your work and was so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you and other creative people who are just as amazed at what your heart and soul produce.   Rest assured that you truly are an inspiration to us all and you bless us with your God given talent.  You are an incredible muse for us all Marilyn! "


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