This piece speaks of reflection in the movement and depths of water.....within the roll of the waves....within the rhythm of the river...within the pulsing of our own bodies.

Having read the book "The Hidden Message of Water", I am struck by what is invisible to our eye, but is real and powerfully present, all around us.

Water makes up 90% of our bodies, when we are born. And carried within that water is the magic of who we are.

"Reflections" reveals that magic....the irridescent color...the dripping drops of inspiration...the grace of her position, as if involved in the dance of life.

If you look long enough, you can almost feel the flow....hear the song...and know that you are witnessing the reflection of your
own soul.

20" tall Hand-sculpted in polyform clay,
abalone shards, amethyst glass chunks,
antique silver lace, gar scales, micro beads and pearls.

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808-293-5859 (voice)
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