"At The Root Of The Matter"

"At the Root of the Matter" represents the first ray and the first chakra of our energy system.

The color of this energy is red, and it is located at the base of the spine. Red is the symbol of life, strength, vitality and the physical nature. Rose red is the color of universal harmony.

The faerie sits as if rooted to her throne. She is relaxed into a postion of receptivity, but clearly attentive and focused. Her power is strong and vibrant, and one can sense that it's source comes from deep within .... from the base of her spine.

Her throne is created with a mosaic of stained glass. The "roots" coming from the top of her throne, and used for her crown, are created with red coral from Bali. There is a glass scarab placed in the center of the back of the throne, which symbolizes rebirth and transformation.

The faerie's costume has been created from antique Chinese wedding fabric. The gown is antique satin, hand embroidered with metallic trim, and fronted with metallic gold and black antique lace. Roots come off of her gown and sprout from her shoulders. These roots are from the trees that grow on the beach at Kawela Bay, on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Only rarely, in the winter months when the tides are high and the waves are huge, do the roots reveal themselves.

The Red Fae carries the power and presence of Kawela Bay, the fishing grounds of the ancient Ali'i.

Only rarely does one witness the power of the First Ray, and in that power she has revealed herself to be

"At the Root of the Matter".

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