"A Secret Shared"

"A Secret Shared" is about relationship. The faerie is a fully-sculpted piece, seated on a handmade tuffet. The tuffet is covered in a vintage pink chiffon fabric that is then embellished with pearls and beading.

Her costume is a fine metallic net lace, worked in the softest silver. Around her arms are sleeves of beaded net with tiny silver beads strung in loops. Her cap is created in a mosaic, with white sea glass, that has been washed with a transparent silver wash. I've then added a head piece of metallic trim, a real leaf dipped in silver, with the final touch of a carved moonstone.

Her antique net skirt flows out behind her... the edges have been burned to create a sort of tattered, ancient look.

The little "Hoonie" (related to the Maryhoonies, but this one lost his maryjane shoes, and so he stands barefoot!) wears a tunic and cap made with tiny little silver beads. He reminds me of a knight, perhaps... Sir Lancelot. His eyes are closed as he raises his head up to her sweet face.

What is he saying to her? What is she thinking? Why has he come to see her......And, what will happen next?!

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