"The Seven Deadly Sins"

About 20" tall, this piece is created with the use of a large gourd. The gourd is cut in half, cleaned out, and then becomes the body of Pandora....and holds within the Seven Sins.

The colors on this piece are a deep, rich plum color, with golden highlights.

The mosaic work is created with mirrored purple tiles, along with small sea shells, and handmade leaves.

The fabrics used are antique beaded and embroidered pieces, with a topknot of Italian chenille, in a wonderful, rich maroon color.

The entire piece is created on a turntable so that the piece can revolve to show all the sins, when they are out of Pandora, and are placed on their name plate.

The fun of this piece is your interaction with it.

Reach into the belly of temptation and withdraw your sin for the day!

The fun is just beginning!


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