"Angel of the Sixth Ray"

Indigo is the color of our solar system, and governs the Sixth Chakra which is the Third Eye or Pituitary Gland.

Indigo symbolizes the bridge between finite and infinite. The third eye is the center of psychic powers and higher intuition.

The mosaic in this piece is created with beautiful shades of deep blues.....indigo mirrored tiles, cobalt shards and iridescent chips.

The gown is a vintage piece of black netting studded with iridescent sequins. The antique rhinestones add to the feeling of the deepest midnight sky, and evokes the power of the universe, in the deep dark before dawn.


Another in my series of the Angels of the Rays, this piece is also created as
"The Hundredth Angel" piece.

"The Hundredth Angel" pieces were inspired by an essay written by Ken Keys, Jr. regarding the change in group consciousness

"The energy of a certain number somehow created an ideological breakthrough experience around the world!"

In this piece there are 98 small sculpted cherubs surrounding the larger, costumed angel. The 98 angels are sculpted in an 'S' curve bordering the mirror.

The costumed angel frames a mirror, and becomes the 99th angel.

When one looks into the mirror, one becomes

"The Hundredth Angel"....

the definitive number to provide a breakthrough in the consciousness of the world.

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