A vision in black lace, "Starry Starry Nights" sits upon her throne..... and ponders the coming of the day.

Tiny Swarovski rhinestones, like stars fallen from the midnight sky, dot her headpiece and costume, reflecting a dance of light against the deep black of her costume.

Approximately 16-1/2" from the bottom of her chair to the top of her feathers, her delicate feet rest upon a foot stool of beaded antique velvet, studded with rhinestones, on a base of mirrored shards.

Her throne is a mosaic of mirrors and tiny white sea shells, with the back curving in whimsical arcs. The black feathers coming from the waist of her gown, repeat the flair of her headdress.

She sits......completely relaxed.....and given over to her memory of the night.


email: Marilyn Radzat

808-293-5859 (voice)
808-293-2283 (fx)