" Taoist Blessings"

I have met a woman who is a 64th generation Taoist master. Quite an amazing woman, teacher and a healer. She wrote a book, which is now out of print which shows her doing the many hand positions of what the Taoist call "God's Signatures". With her blessing and enthusiasm, she has encouraged me to create pieces with their hands in these positions. She was thrilled that people would have the opportunity to have a blessing piece in their homes. "So much more than a doll or a figure", she said. This is not just a piece to add to a shelf of many other pieces. This is a piece to set a "feeling" within a home. A blessing piece.

"Taoist Blessing" is a standing goddess, with her hands in pose that signifies "The Blessing of the Three Gods". She stands approx. 21" tall. She is very regal and elegant in a gown that is what I call a hardscape.The gown is formed with plaster, and thus becomes a hard form that is a sculpture, unto itself. I then apply appliqu÷s of antique black Victorian beading, and rhinestones, and then a plum colored grout, to all but cover the beadwork and rhinestones. The process of risking the entire piece by the application of the grout, over the beadwork, gives this piece, I believe, some of it's power. The gown is then painted in hues of deep blues and plums, with gold accents, allowing the beadwork and rhinestones to show through. Her cape is black vintage net that has the tiniest of iridescent sequins sewn randomly all over it. Running down the entire length of her cape is a beautiful piece of Victorian beadwork on net, in black, with bronze accents. Her collar is created with beaded leaves, and at her shoulders is a medallion of dangling beadwork, matching the piece that hangs from her bodice. Her head piece, and the base, are created as a mosaic, using fabulous iridescent pieces of glass that reflect purples, greens, golds and blues...like a peacock's tail.

I have also included small circles and diamond shaped mirror pieces on the base. She is a fully sculpted piece, under her gown, but you only see her two feet, one leg gracefully bent, and her two hands in their blessing pose. I have used garnets as an embellishment around her bodice, and around her headpiece.

" Taoist Blessing" is a piece of the midnight sky.... clear and pure.... deeply dark, with flashes of the brightest stars and a hint, in the blues and purples, of the coming of the day.

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