"Winter's Dream"...
the Universe Within...

Winter's Tree stands approximately 23" tall, and sparkles as if it were encrusted with ice.

Opalescent shards, mirror tiles and tiny iridescent shells add the texture and pattern of bark. Above the doors, an antique rhinestone brooch becomes a snowflake window into the interior of the tree.....evoking images of cathedrals as the branches rise up, only to bend heavy with lead crystal drops, which symbolize icicles.....and gracing each branch, a circle of beads and pearls, again speaks of snowflakes.

The tree stands solitary, icy, and fantastical......as in a dream........yet open the doors........and you are drawn into a space which speaks of the midnight sky....the vast universe of space. Cobalt blue, mirror tiles surround the cavity and a figure kneeling in meditation. Framing the goddess from behind is a octagon beveled mirror, bordered with the same beaded snowflakes that are found on the branches. The mirror opens the space within the tree and gives the illusion of continuing space. Swarovski crystals dot the universe as star points of light.

The goddess is kneeling with her hands in a position of a Taoist blessing......a blessing that speaks of the power of transformation.

Her costume is made up of hundreds of tiny silver metallic beads covering her bodice, and finishes off with fringe around her hips. Her headpiece is created with pearls and beads and tiny metal trim. Again, Swarovski crystals are placed on her costume and headpiece, and on her hands......the same points of light that shine in the sky.........for she is the universe within.


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